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I had an issue with wiring shorting out in a ceiling fan. I called and they couldn't find anyone in their massive index to come fix it. I was told to find my own guy. Also I was told to preauthorize the work. I did both. I paid the same day it was fixed. I got a letter two weeks later stating I did NOT preauthorize the work. Then why didn't my guy come to fix it for 3 days? It took 3 days for them to authorize it. He was here ready to work the...
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AHS sends out a technician that says the motor went out and he had a replacement ceiling fan in truck. Ok, problems let him call and get authorization to repair or replace. I had to pay someone to sit at my house waiting on repairman, because I couldn't take a day off for repair. The JTL repairman tell the housesitter that he be back in two days after he gets authorization and leaves. I call JTL Electric and AHS authorization on a conference...
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I didn't like
  • Supervisors no help
  • Delay in processing and unethical practices
  • Deceitful business practices