I been a member with AHS FOR OVER 20 years

I have 4 homes insured with them.

I had 2 problems in my personal home.

Faucet is leaking

And toilet is loose and moving.

I pay extra every month for Faucet.

I called today to send a plumber to fix the problems.

the plumber came inside and saw the problem and he said

Flange repair is needed and we must change the Faucet.

I have to call AHS and open a work order

So he goes out and he call AHS

comes back inside and said sorry is not covered by AHS , and they will call you

Even though American home Shield told my husband it was covered when they called to confirm the service call.

And he left my toilet right in the middle of the bathroom.

He said I can charge you privately $90 labor،for Faucet

$489 for Toilet and fix it.

He then asked me to pay him $75 service fee ,

And sign the work order

I told him I am not paying you and not signing anything .

You didn't finish the job,

What about putting the toilet back he, said no I can't do it.

Is not working.

AHS just takes my money every month

I will call BBB and report both

RG plumbing & Rooter and AHS.

I am

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Faucet Replacement.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I'm dealing with the same thing. Now!

In 2019! AHS has had complaints, but still uses RG Plumbing and Rooter as a contractor. AHS doesn't seem to care, or feel that they are responsible. We had a serious leak and was told by Dimitar, the contractor, that it was not covered.


They aren't even on BBB! Dimitar told me to see him in court if I wanted my money back.


Ahs and all home warranty companies pay the contractors such a small amount of money and require that they spend no money of AHS’ on the claims. Unfortunately, this means the contractor has limited options on what they can do: get the claim denied by AHS in the basis of the cause of failure not meeting the terms and conditions of the contract; adding on extra non-covered costs to the repair so that the customer essentially has to pay for the repair; do the work and provide the labor, parts, new appliances and materials and NOT charge anyone (absorb the expenses so as to get more calls from AHS); send AHS a bill of anythingbother than the service fee the customer paid and get weeded from the AHS contractor-vendor list.

The options are not good for the contractor, and even worse for the consumer. It is such a shame that homeowners believe the lies and promises made by an insurance company like this. It’s not only a waste of money for the homeowner, but also a waste of time and effort, while getting the runaround. We also work for first American, Cross Country/Total Protect and Old Republic, and they are all the same.

Don’t believe the promises of these ripoff companies.

There is no way to spend a few hundred dollars a year and get back thousands. The premiums you pay go to the insurance company, and the money never makes it to the contractor.


Similar issues for me as well


Similar thing happened to me yesterday.

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