Los Angeles, California

I have never, in my life, ever met so many *** people. Because I have a home warranty with American Home Shield, I am a victim to using this ridiculously inept "repair" company in Los Angeles called Active Appliance.

They've come to my home many times and each time, they come up with another crazy excuse for why something doesn't work. The latest one was the third time they came to fix my dishwasher. This one takes the cake: the repairman left and didn't say a word, only left a note on the counter that said, "dishwasher broken." LOL.... are they kidding?!

I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry; I mean has someone forgot to tell them they are REPAIR-men? Last I checked, repair, means to fix something and make it work. Speechless.

Every time something breaks in my home, American Home Shield sends a repairman no less than three times. Each time the repair people are more and more inept: replacing sink faucets that leak underneath, welding new pipes on a water heater...that continue to leak.

I've had a brand new furnace not work for 10 months. No one figured out until I personally realized the problem and fixed it myself. And, I"m a girl. I feel so sorry for American Home Shield -- they are losing money right, left and sideways.

It's a joke. What a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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The appliance was finally replaced after over 4 months of repairmen coming into my home, wasting my time, causing serious headaches, anxiety, etc. I have a faucet that was patched a few months ago; however, have decided that rather than pay another $60 service fee I will have someone install a new faucet; that's better for my health!


Try 8 visits over 4 months and the appliance is still broken and it all started with an inept Russian!! You continue to respond re ServiceMaster being the root of the problem. Either way they are all lousy!


You have to get to the root of the problem, which is AHS parent company ServiceMaster. All ServiceMaster owned companys are inept and incompetant at what they do. These companys include Terminix and TruGreen.

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