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Update by user Oct 03, 2011

Update October 2011: I made the fifth claim in one year regarding the furnace ductwork. Surprisingly, there is now an HVAC contractor serving the Pittsburgh area, where there was not one before.

The ductwork replacement was covered but only because this HVAC contractor just happened to be a part of my extended family and this was his first time dealing with AHS. When he and his team arrived at my property, he was pretty pissed off at AHS because they wanted him to get the job done in a cheaper way than he would prefer. (duct tape and repairs instead of replacing the ductwork which was obviously caused by a flood prior to us owning the home and the water laid in the ductwork and corroded it). Because he insisted on replacing the ductwork instead of patching it up, they charged him an extra $60.00 and told him it would be the client\'s responsibility in their service fee.

What a way to screw both the client and the contractor. I believe if I was not distantly related to this guy he probably wouldn\'t have stuck his neck out for me.

Original review posted by user Sep 02, 2011

I'm going to make this as brief as possible and get straight to the point.

My fiance and I mortgaged our home in November 2010, and knowing it was a 130 year old Victorian era home, the real estate agent conned the original home owner to buy an AHS warranty for us. The basic package costed over $500.00.

Of the four times I made a claim, I ended up having to fix the problem myself - AHS always found a way out of it. It costed me $3,000.00+ out my pocket when all problems were added up. (we had to take out an equity line of credit).

First claim: Broken furnace. No HVACs serviced the area, so no one called, no one came out. Dead of winter. I had to find my own HVAC contractor.

Second claim: Broken secondary furnace. Again, no one called, no one came out, dead of winter.

Third claim: Burst water pipes due to secondary furnace not working and the basement froze over. Only one plumber services my area, (A1 American Plumbing) and he ripped out my tub surrounding, an entire wall and $200 worth of insulation just to tell AHS that it looked like the pipes were purposely broken, that it wasn't ordinary wear and tear. AHS determined this problem would not be covered. (I'm sorry how did I get back there and purposefully break my own plumbing?) Adding insult to injury AHS still charged me $60 for the service call, and DIDN'T EVEN COVER the ruined tub surround, wall or insulation that the plumber ripped out to get to the pipes. I ended up fixing 30ft of plumbing myself, re-insulating my wall, putting up a whole new wall, etc. and I'm a 24 year old female with no real contractor experience!

Because there are no HVAC contractors that serve AHS in my area, no one contacted me at all to even tell me any of that. I had to call and ask why my claim was just sitting there with nothing being done while it was the dead of winter and my furnace was broken.

I attempted to make a fourth claim recently regarding a broken refrigerator in the 100+ degree heat index of July, (the other home owner's insulin vials were stored in this broken fridge! he's a type 1 Diabetic, pump dependent, and had $600 worth of insulin in that fridge) but AHS told me that my realtor never included refrigerators on our contract despite telling us that he did. So when our refrigerator broke, in the 100+ degree humid summer of 2011, my fiance, the other home owner, got sick because he is a type 1 Diabetic and his insulin was not getting cool enough in the broken refrigerator. We didn't know it until after a few days later when I ate some bad yogurt and his insulin went "off." The fridge could only cool down to 60 degrees F. Thank God my future mother in law bought us a new refrigerator, even though we had already gotten sick. When I told AHS all of this, they were very straight forward with the fact that they simply did not care, it wasn't their problem.

I'll be making my last claim before our contract expires in November this year, regarding our heating ductwork. It is old and full of wear and is half the reason the top portion of the house is always freezing in the winter. I wonder how AHS will screw me this time.

This is not just a complaint. Not just a poor review - my family and I could have DIED over this company's negligence - this was a complete NIGHTMARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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