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While setting up service for a heating/ac system that wasn't working, the rep told me AHS would only pay $10 per pound of refrigerant, should it prove necessary.The actual cost? $75 per pound after the AHS payment. I paid and the system is working, thanks to a very good tech, but the episode sent me scurrying back to our policy, since I'd received notice from AHS it was renewal time. Their exclusions make it clear they don't intend to spend much...
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AHS has denied a claim for an outdoor AC unit that happens to cool a part of our home that also houses a wine room.Though 3 separate technicians have come out and stated absolutely this is not a wine "chiller", AHS has denied the claim repeatedly saying they consider it a wine chiller per section G-3 of the warranty. Total fraud. Do not use this company, buyer beware. This is our third claim in almost a year and they have covered none of them on...
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I didn't like
  • Hold times are atrocious
  • No supervisors to talk to
  • Take diagnosis and interpret only in their best interest
In December 2015, my home thermostat was not working properly,( we were unable to schedule different temperatures during the day). Furnace Doctor Inc was the contractor designated, They claimed our Wall wires from the system to our thermostat were broken and also claim our thermostat was not working and changed for a new one. AHS contact us and said our warranty did not cover the rewiring. The contractor (furnace doctor) suggested to pay our...
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Anonymous AHS is a piece of ***. They hire "bottom feeders".

I didn't like
  • Lacks follow through
  • False information given
  • Poor business practice