We are in the midst of a second HORRIBLE experience with AHS. We have only had the contract for one year and it was part of our home purchase.

The first time, we needed a new gasket for our pool filter. Our pool company provided AHS with the part info and documentation. The part was ordered and AHS sent one if their "contractors" to install it. These guys showed up in a dented van with a cracked windshield and broken windows. The name of their "company" was handpainted on the side of the van. Very sketchy! Since they didn't need to enter my home, I allowed them to proceed with part installation for the pool. BIG MISTAKE! They had no idea what they were doing. They actually broke the new part they were installing (put it in upside down and backwards) My pool then flooded my yard and my neighbor's yard. I put in an emergency call to my pool company (not cheap). We ended up paying for emergency pool service, another replacement and $1000 to fill the pool back up. All of this for a rubber gasket!

After the first experience, we no longer submitted claims for work that woukd cost us less than $500 to fix.

However, our water heater stopped working last Saturday. Since this is potentially an expense repair, we decided to actually use the warrsnty service we paid for with our home purchase. Again, BIG MISTAKE! We submitted a claim and were scheduled for service on Monday (no service available on weekends - ever!). Tech arrived on Monday and informed us that the issue is the thermostat, which he claims we broke while changing the water temperature setting. We NEVER changed the water temperature. We explained over and over that we did not touch the water heater, it just stopped working. He just kept repeating his falsified story. Our thermostat actually has a self-diagnostic system. According to this system, the thermostat is fine and the issue is the pilot light in the water heater. The pilot is not a serviceable part, so of course, the tech insists it is the thermostat that is broken. The tech also states that our tankless water heater, which feeds into our tank water heater, also appears to be malfunctioning, but he refuses to inspect it fully. He said that he can only service one or the other! Are you kidding me? The issue is I have no hot water...that is the claim...do I seriously need to submit a second claim, pay another $75 service charge and have a separate service call for the same issue! A week later, the thermostat has still not arrived, we still have no hot water for a family of 7 and both the contractor and AHS could care less.

We feel trapped, we have to try the thermostat replacement before AHS will even consider replacement of the water heater. Every day we get a call from the contractor saying the part should be here tomorrow. Unbelievably, we just got a call yesterday from AHS to renew our contract. Seriously!!!! We have no hot water!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Candler, North Carolina

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