Glendale, Arizona

Today my toilet leaked. I turnrd off the water and called AHS to fix the problem since they covered it for repairs. When the tech arrived he went to the main and ran a snake. He could not locate a clog so he called corprate and they advised him to leave. So, he did. What is this. I paid him 75.00 to fix nothing. 5 min later corprate called and after explaing to tha gal what just happened she explained that her tech reported that the situation was a clog that caused back up and when he went to solve the problem he did not find one. I told her that is because there was never a clog that caused a back up it has to do with the flange/wax ring. She stated since that is not what the tech reported she will have to send out another tech. Also at that point she stated that the policy does not cover those items. I broke out my policy and after it was read it turns out that they are covered. She then told me that the policy does not cover the toilet being removed from the floor. How can this be I asked myself. I asked her then if the flange/wax ring is covered, but not the removal of the toilet then how can the items be replaced or fixed with out me paying someone else to remove te toilet or do it my self. At which point she told me that the items can be replaced or fixed with out removing the toilet. At that point I realized I was talking to a person that does not realize what she said. So I asked then what do you suggest. She stated that they will dispatch a second opinion and if the S.O. guy agrees with the first, that it is a backage then I will have to pay another fee. If the S. O. guy says that it is not a backage problem then I do not have to pay. Here I am 75.00 lighter, no working toilet and The S. O. guy won't be out for another 24 hours.

My suggestion to fix the problem your self if you can

This expieranced was not good for me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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