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On August 12, 2015, I called American Home Shield concerning an air condition issue. I had just come home from a surgical procedure and requested an upgrade due to my medical condition.

For the third time this summer the air conditioner was not working. On August 13 2015, a company called Bishop Engineering arrived at my home at 6:30 p.m., they diagnose the air conditioner problem as a bad compressor. On Friday August 14, I called both this Bishop Engineering and American Home Shield about whether the part had been ordered and when will they be coming out to install the compressor. The compressor was not ordered until Monday, August 17, 2015.

On August 17, 2015 at 3:10 p.m., I called American Home Shield and learned that the compressor had been ordered and was ready for pickup. The representative told me that Bishop Engineering has been sent an email confirming that the part was ready for pick up. Later that evening, I called the Bishop and requested to be placed on the schedule for the following day. The dispatcher, Carolyn, said she would not be able to put me on a schedule until the technician physically pick up the compressor from the warehouse.

I asked when might this be done?. The company did not pick up the compressor from the warehouse until Tuesday evening. They called and said that they would be able to come out and install the compressor on Wednesday, August 19 at 8 a.m., I requested that the technician bring a digital scale in order to determine how much freon was being put into my AC system. I assured by both Bishop Engineering and American Home Shield that the technician would comply.

At 8:30 a.m. August 19, 2015, 7 days from the date of the diagnosis Bishop Engineering still had not arrived at my home. I called the company and the technician on his cell phone number to get an update on what time they would be at my home. No one answered on neither telephone numbers.

At 9:10 a.m., a technician arrived and stated that he was there to install the compressor and that he had been asked to collect the money upfront for the freon and stated that 9lbs. would be used in the system. He requested $450 dollars which was the portion for which I was responsible. It was $60 a lb but American Home Shield would pay $10 per pound.

I stated to the technician that I have never been asked to pay up front before a job had been started. The technician stated if he was not paid up front that he was going to have to leave, so he left. The owner was called, and he stated that he would send the technician back to my home but that he requested that noone stands over him and watch him work. He returned and I asked the technician if he had a digital scale with him?

He said "no". I asked him how will I know if 9lbs was added?. He said becsuse he was honest. I told him I reqested that he bring one.

Due to it already being 7 days without air, I allowed him to do the install and paid them $450. This company did not prove to me as a customer that they utilize 9lbs of freon in my air conditioner yet I had to pay them for 9 lbs... $450 dollars in cash as they requested. I called and spoke with American Home Shield about this situation because I did not feel that it was fair for them to charge me for 9lbs and not have to prove it.

I thought this was dishonest and very unfair and I bought this to American Home Shield attention. American Home Shield allowed me to be treated this way by one of their contractors. They never intervened and did not require them to bring a scale.

This is how they treated a 9 year customer who had recently come out of the hospital from a surgical procedure. #wowgreedyworld #horriblecustomerservice

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is how AHS does business all of the time, except for some small thing. I could tell you of several incidents, even having to pay when work was done on the furnace that should have cost a few dollars and I had to pay a few hundred, up front.

In the interest of my health, I decided they were not worth it. If the company that came out was ARS they work deceptively well with AHS.

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