I had AHS for 5 years before I needed a dryer repaired . They said it was a fuse.

Paid 70$ service fee. Fuse blew next day. I replaced fuse twice after that, it kept blowing. Called AHS and came out and said it could not be repaired.

They refused to replace dryer as they promise. Reason? Same reason they tell everyone. You didn't do proper maintenance on it.

This is their scam to keep from replacing. Cheaper to buy new appliances with a warranty than pay them 4-5 hundred dollars a year. I foolishly paid 2000 dollars total over 5 years.

Get my point? Don't fall for this scam.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Beverly Hills, California

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Àmerican home shield had limited plumbers and none available in emergencies. Some unethical workers. Only used plumbers services but never sent in guaranteed time frame.


WE ARE PURCHASING A HOME..Do you think a home warranty is necessary? There's a hot water tank in the home and the A/c unit has s warranty.

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