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I own a house in the Tampa Florida area and signed up for a home warranty through American Home Shield. They informed me that everything in the home would be covered for the $534.00 that I paid them for the period of one year.

Two weeks after I purchased the warranty my air conditioner stopped working.

I called A.H.S. to send a repairman out to look at it. A.H.S. informed me that the compressor was blown and they would not pay the $1,700.00 to put a new one in.

They based this on the fact that the Air Conditioner (central Air) was 20 years old and I did not have documentation that it was serviced properly during all that time. I informed them that I had only owned the house for a year and that I knew the AC was old and that is why I bought the home warranty. When I signed up for the warranty the ONLY question they asked was that if everything in the home was working properly. Well - yes it was at that time.

While talking to them I felt belittled and as if they were accusing me of lying to them.They asked me why a panel was installed upside down on the AC - like I know? I did get a full refund from them. Do yourself a favor and save your money.

Avoid American Home Shield - they will find a reason to deny any claim.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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I'm a Home Inspector in North Carolina, I year or two ago I caught a Realtor having a A/C system Charged up by a Heating & Air Company two days before a Home inspection, then they put a Home Warranty on the house to protect there a-s.

The interesting thing is I did an inspection on this same house a month before the 2nd inspection and the system did not function at all.

Some time later I inspected another house and the system worked to good for its age, late 1980"s model, I told the buyer to call around and see If anyone has resently serviced the system before the inspection, guess what, same pattern, two day's before the inspection and the realtor told the seller would put a home warranty on the house for the buyer.


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I am an attorney in Birmingham, Alabama representing clients in situations similar to yours against American Home Shield. I'm interested in speaking to you about your situation as it is relevant to my pending case.

Please email me at jnorris@davisnorris.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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