This is a complaint against American Home Shield and A & K Garage Door Company of Shreveport Louisiana. First off, AHS does not cover Garage door assemblies, only a portion of the opener - I was not aware of this.

I placed my service request and after waiting a week I finally received a call back from Keith with A & K doors. I explained to him that my garage door had three bent panels and I believed the door needed to be replaced, but the opener was fine. I gave Keith the dimensions, make and color of the door. Knowing that AHS does not cover the door assembly, Keith insisted on coming by and looking at it anyway.

I met him in the driveway and we both viewed the door and he said it looks just like you described it - no diagnosis was performed or needed, the information Was given to Keith over the phone - He added that he doesn't replace door assemblies for AHS , just openers and that I should check my contract for details. Keith was At my home for 5 minutes then left and I haven't heard from him since. I received a call the next day from AHS and they explained that garage door assemblies are not coved in their contracts. 2 weeks later I had an issue with my refrigerator and so I called AHS for service and they informed me that I had an outstanding balance for an unpaid service charge to A & K Garage Door and that they would not accept my new service request until that balance was paid.

I ask you, is it possible that A & K Garage Door saw an oppprtunity to make an easy $125 by simply submitting a diagnosis to AHS ?

Apparently, this is all that an AHS contractor has to do to get paid - American Home Shield will not help you when this happens, they simply go by the paperwork submitted by their contractor and have no regard for their customer that pays them a fee monthly for their so-called service. Buyer Beware !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield 3x3 Combo Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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