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AVOID! AHS has been the most unprofessional "establishment" I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

I had a loss of power in my home, and was told that AHS does not have an electrician in their network that services my area (after twice being given the name of a company and assured that they were on their way to my home, only to be told by the company that they do not work in my area). I was given autorization to hire my own contractor, and be reimbursed. The contractor told them my entire electrical system needs to be replaced, and gave them an estimate of $2000-$2500. AHS declined the estimate and said they required a 2nd opinion.

They left me without power for a full week, stating that it was not considered an emergency unless there is a need for refrigerated human medicine or human medical equipment that requires electricity. We spoke to multiple customer service reps and supervisors, were "accidentally" disconnected multiple times, never allowed to speak to a manager and recieved terrible attitudes from the staff. I had my 2 year old special needs step son at my home that weekend (by court order). When I explained that to the staff at AHS, they simply said we shouldn't take the child.

I also have multiple pets, two of which are terminally ill with kidney disease and congestive heart failure. When they finally did get someone out to deal with the issue, the electrician they sent flat out told me he wasn't going to fix the problem, and he was just going to do some rewiring to "make it work." A few days ago, we lost power 5 times. AHS sent the same electrician out this morning. He went under the house, came back out, said the problem was fixed again (did not tell me what he did or what the problem was) and then informed me that I have a MAJOR leak n my crawl space.

He described it as the worst he had ever seen, and said water was "dumping out of the pipes". He then reported to AHS that my electrical is not up to code, and they called and informed me that they will no longer be covering my electrical work. Regarding the plumbing work, I was given outside authorization again today to hire a private contractor. The contractor came out, and physically took photos of the damage underneath my house to demonstrate the gravity of the situation.

All of my plumbing needs to be replaced, as the old cast iron pipes are rusted from the inside out and leaking everywhere (my insulation under the house is soaked). They shut off my water, advising me that turning it back on will fry the well pump. They quoted AHS $3070 to repair the leaks, and $6400-$6800 to replace the entire system. AHS again denied the work, and require a second opinion, but will not send anyone out until tomorrow.

I have NO WATER IN MY HOME. I work in a hospital, and it is unsanitary to not be able to wash my scrubs or myself for that matter. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, and spend a lot of time in the bathroom. I can't flush my toilet.

I have no drinking water, and no water to give my dogs. I can't afford to live off of bottled water, after spending a week eating out and doing laundry at a laundromat when I had no power. AHS advised me that they have 24 hours to deal with an emergency. These people cannot get their stories straight regarding my contract.

I have recieved different guidlines from EVERY supervisor I have spoken to, and each has flat out said that whoever I spoke to before them is lying.

I will be cancelling my policy with AHS first thing in the morning, and pulling money from my 401k to deal with the repairs...I'd rather work until I'm 100 years old than deal with these apes. BUYER, BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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All of these home warranty companies are a ripoff. The spend $500 JUST INVESTIGATING AND GETTING ESTIMATES.

SORRY BOUT CAPS. My brother got ripped off with his home warranty as well.

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