Kaufman, Texas

Does it Concern Anybody?(perhaps nobody at AHS, based on my recent experience):

Re: Contract: 54822805 Invoice: 665737905

I received the Invoice on Saturday, November 6, due "Upon Receipt". I called the following Monday at 3:30, talked with Joyce and explained that it was a 90-day warranty service which would be paid by AHS, as I was told at the time I submitted the request. I was put on hold while the agent was checking records (I assume) and, after a few minutes was told that I was right, I was not supposed to be billed. I requested a simple written statement by email or fax. She said she was not authorized to issue such statement but I would receive it in a few days by mail, certainly by the end of the week. I admit she did not say which week.

I have not received anything. I called again on Monday, November15, talked to Gina who promised that I would receive a fax "in 72 hours".

Of course, with widely known performance of AHS's customer service, anyone could guess that I have received nothing. Just Google AHS and you will see pages and pages of angry customers - full websites.

I called again on Friday, November 19. This time a asked to be transferred to a Supervisor. By now, you should have guessed - she did not have any authority either. I asked to be transferred to a Manager but was told "All our Managers are at a retrieve and won't be back until Monday" ( meaning "went shopping, it is Friday afternoon). At this point I lost control of my anger, was rude, made not very nice remarks about AHS. I am sure I insulted the agent for which I sincerely apologize. No apology, however, to AHS, to whom the insults were directed.

I do not understand how you can stay in business with agents and their supervisors who have no authority. In the mean time I will remain in an overdue status with my account.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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Would you beleive that this company is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau. And alwas respected them :cry

@Milan (not Aononymous) I wrote

It's all part of buying a good rating when they pay the BBB

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