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Wow. Well, I've been paying AHS for the past 4-5 years and have only had 3 minor service requests; however, my furnace died this week and after their repairman came out, they determined the unit was improperly installed.

The service request was denied. Now, if I paid for an inspection when I moved in and the inspector didn't see a problem, how would I??!!! They said they assumed the appliance was properly...., but so did I! So, I've been paying them for years, for nothing.

I'm now stuck with finding a repairman and looking forward to a $500-$2500 repair bill - less than what I've paid AHS in fees.

What a complete waste of money!!!! It's cheaper to set aside your own money and pay as you encounter problems!!!

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So, whose fault is it? They're insuring it, so they should send someone out to check - just like the insurance company does.

So you can sell that to somebody else while you're trying to displace blame.

On another note, you can get out of the contract. They transferred me to some department when told them I wanted to cancel the contract, they asked why, I told them, and they canceled it in November after signing up in September...


Another thought... AHS was signed up for over the phone, and NO CONTRACT was presented at that time.

What is with read the contract first, if they are signing up customers over the phone???

Once signed up, then you are STUCK with a contract until paid off!!! I look forward to some honest companies overhauling and putting phonies out of business!!!!


I am so sick of Marketing strategy that makes you think every appliance is covered in the beginning, etc. Also, on the phone I was quoted to have AHS service, the cost would be $43 per month.

I was also told that at ANY time I would be able to cancel this policy, but NOT TOLD that I was actually purchasing a contract for $43 per month for a total sum of $$$ Also, according to the complaints I have seen entered on this website, I am becoming leery of what my experience will be when I actually need them! They say, homeowner's insurance won't pay this and that, but appears to me neither will American Home Shield! They will find a loop hole some way, some how. I have a claim on hold right now due to my old fuse box that runs my HVAC is missing a clamp that holds the fuses (someone stole it and I think attempting to yank my unit out while I was gone.) (note: there have been many police reports in this neighborhood of stolen HVAC units.) Nevertheless, when I can find a replacement fuse clamp, I am now wondering if my unit is going to be fixed.

I was told that AHS would not help with the fuse box or replace it with a circuit breaker???

Great, I am on hold at the time and using little indoor space heaters to get by until I can get my unit repaired. Wish me luck.


I agree with you how did you know that the furnace was installed improperly. I am dealing with the Old Republic with my electrical problem.

I called Old Republic they sent an electrician, he went into the attic and found that the electrical wiring was done wrong. I had no knowledge of this, they also said it was pre existing so they do not want to cover it. I think it is useless to have home warranties they have a way out all the time. I would rather put money aside also.

They have denied two of my claims for dumb reasons. So you need to really think twice, prepare to argue your case and read all the fine lines and ask what they do cover if anything at all.


It is not American Home Shield's fault that the furnace was not properly installed. I'm not saying it is yours either or that you would have known, but it says it specifically in your contract that improperly installed items are not covered. Also, when a home inspection is done, most of the time those are not licensed HVAC specialists so you are encouraged to get an actual HVAC person out to check to make sure things like this are properly installed.

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