Reston, Virginia
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Our air conditioner has been out of service for nearly a week with daily temps exceeding 100 degrees. The service provder who was first sent to our home failed to correctly diagnose the problem. He replaced lost freon, but failed to determine the reason for the leakage.

Further diagnosis by another provider revealed a faulty evaporative coil. Repeated phone calls to AHS have not been returned nor have we received a resolution to our problem. We are in the process of having to contact a AC company on our own.

I spoke with Shamiah. one of the supervisors, at 1-866-878-0127, Ext.1332 once on 7/29 and left voice mail messages twice on 7/30 and again on 7/31- none of which have been returned. I was originally promised by Shamiah that I would recieve a call back from the "cash out" department within 24 hours. I spoke with another supervisor on 7/30 who said, "they are really busy in the cash our department. They'll get to you when they can".

I am totally furstrated with AHS and their lack of customer service skills. They do not perform what they say they will. We are still without air conditioning and the temps are consistently 100 degrees plus.

My comments were totld to AHS that I have a heart condition plus have had cancer, so the need for service is a priority based on health issues. Apparently AHS does not think so.

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ms. g

That's amazing! The a/c problem that you just decsribed sounds like the same experience that I recently encountered with American Home Shield.

The contractors that they are using consistently fail to diagnose the real problem. Who are they hiring as contractors-guys off the street? I'll bet you've never had a problem with them drafting your checking account each month.

Just cancel your contract with them and move on!! :upset

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