Houston, Texas
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Refridgerator been broken for 3 months. Looks like it will be 4 months.

They've sent out 3 companies to fix my Samsung. 15 different parts and they refuse to replace it. They claim that the service tech has to say it will be replaced. With all the money they've spent so far common sense would tell you to replace it.

But that is a department they lack. So now no fridge or freezer cause both are out and two small children, and hundreds of dollars in lost time from missing work to be there with a repairman.

I guess I'm asking to much from this company. If I could afford a new one I would buy it, but oh well they got me by the family jewels.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Agreement Number: 224990572 Agreement Price: $305.00 Agreement Term: 10/19/17 – 10/18/18 To whom is may concern: I have been trying to get thru to someone for days. I have tried calling a dozen times.

I have been on hold for over 45 minutes “then cut off” or when entering a number as told you get the busy single. After getting thru I asked for a supervisor. Then put on hold to be cut off or busy single. Worker can to fix my fan over my stove.

It does not suck, and making a chirping nose. I went on line to see there are hundreds of complaints just like I am telling you. You need to refund my $305.00 admittedly! Being an X-Federal Inspector for construction I will take you to small clams court.

Will be contacting the Better Business Burial also. Will put America Home Shield on Yelp an all complaints dept on web. Being a disabled Vietnam Veteran will put it out there on TV news that no one should use your company. You need to fix the problem admittedly.

As your company knows your people will not fix the phone problem have not pride as an America. Having “American” in your business name is a JOKE.

I have nothing but time to let everyone in America that you company SUCKS. Everyone says your guys SUCK.


Going on 3 months with no ice maker called amhs several times getting the run a around with customer service and contractor i live in Amarillo tx. Ver poir buisness practices by both parties .


Air conditioning evaporator core needed to be replaced. AHS sent repair company and they refused to do work unless we called an engineer to move house trusses in attic.

AHS would not allow another company to give second opinion. We had to use our own a/c company and they had no problem with fixing evaporator core where it was and not moving trusses.

AHS said they would give us $240 toward repairs that cost $2650. We are Very unhappy about this...AHS shave backed us up not the lazy a/c they sent out refuse to work in the attic.

@hot in florida

I experienced he identical situation in 2014, only my expenses were going to be much higher than yours. Still not in my budget!


It’s not in the AHS vendor’s budget, either.

@hot in florida

Can you see the difference in price quoted, between the 2 companies? AHS vendor only would have received $240 from AHS fore replacing your evap coil in a tight attic.

The part costs him around $600 minimum. The refrigerant, costs the servic man another $600-1000. That doesn’t even count the labor but he is faroverbuget to AHS.the job has to get done, so how does the tech handle it? So the Ahs tech is losing money On That job.

VS. your own company came out and fixed it for $2650 total so what is the actual complaint?you can’t make AHS raise your technicians self-emposed spending limits? He could chArge whatever he wanted. Ahs will pay it.

But they will drop his name like a heavy rock from their vendor list. He knows he can only change a very lose flat rate average

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