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i was recently with American home shield i mean scam,I am a disabled army veteran on fixed income, so Iam a first time user or at least i thought i would be, called before to ask if certain things were covered under warranty and if they stated no i would simply get them repaired my self or use a known contractor, now my issue began when i had a toilet tank leak, that was about to ruin a 3000$ sink set that's all wood and granite so i shut the valve drained the tank and removed the tank, i can not just have it sitting on the flood as i have kids around the house and guest at times, i called and i was reassured that it would be covered under warranty of the home since it was a covered component and a situation where i would be covered, fast forward to today almost a week with out a toilet, i was told i would inquire the $75 dollar service fee and the rest they would pay to take care of the toilet, a tech comes out and is like oh i need to toilet tank to see the model number after i have already been told i would get a full replacement on this porous piece of structure which was currently in the trash bin, i fished it out for the plumber from "the lindsay company" and yes it was broken it had been in the garbage below other garbage that had accumulated, first excuse was i need the number to order another tank, fine here it goes, next he is like oh i have to call them to see what they wanna do since they told you a whole toilet as to a tank, i said fine, so he calls and talks to them in private and they state oh well we believe its not normal wear and tear and he is like yeah i don't think so its broken in the trash, and i was like they said it would be covered they charged my account days ago i need this repaired. I would not have had an issue if they stated sorry we can not repair as its not covered fine i would have invested the 75 dollars into a toilet from home depot and gotten someone to do it but now im out a toilet for more time, im out of 75 dollars even though the person handling my claim and taking my money reassured me that they would make sure my situation was handled properly, if i knew the way the company runs and how they try and find any and every reason to deny a claim and still keep your money i would have never in my life used them, please people read the reviews before you make a mistake, there is so many other companies that have better reviews, but since they wont help and they have a i dont care attitude and knowingly lie and insinuate things will be fix, just please stay away!!!!!! Guess ill have to use my combat skills , dig a fox hole and take a fat *** in the trenches of the back yard.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Home Shield Cons: Insinuate fix will be done.

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Still waiting on return of payment

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