Palm Desert, California
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Had a terrible experience with service from American Home Shield.

Bought a home and AHS insurance. The Compressor went on the AC and being 87 years and temperature ranging from 112 to 115 degrees, thought this should be considered an emergency repair. They did not enter it as such and when the repair man finally came, days later...he put in a false report that a piece was missing and that was not true and a denial was issued. Called real estate agent and he called and I called again and again and finally an executive overrode the denial and finally after 2 weeks it was finally fixed. I had to sleep at friends houses and got ill in my own home with the temperature reaching 98 degrees and all this could have been avoided in a couple of days if there was honesty and not trying to bill me $1800.00. What a scam they pull here and I sincerely hope others don't fall for it. I investigated and my AC never had the part they said was missing and my anguish and getting ill would not have happened if they simply told the truth. I shall never refer American Home Shield to any of my friends and this company they used should be taken off their roster.

What a scam to get people to buy new ACs when they don't need it.

I had to pay $540 for Freon and was looking for a refund and they totally ignored my request....I should not have had to pay for anything except the service call with the way they treated my problem. There was no apology or asking if I was feeling OK. I realize it is a big company and I am merely a number.....however, if more people learn about the policy and procedures, perhaps they may not want to do business with them in the future. i balked at paying the $540 and was told, they would take the compressor out and I would be back to square one. Not a good way to treat someone of my age. I did pay it for fear of retaliation. This company did not show good faith in upholding the policy and taking care of my home.

Thank you for allowing me to tell my story.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $540.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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