I have been a customer of american home shield for 6+ years. On sunday 8/27/17 i noticed my ac was not cooling as good and it was making un usual noises.

I called right away to request service through the automated system. Was referred to Ice Cube cooling here in las vegas. Today 8/28/17 the ac stopped blowing air completely. I called today spoke with one of the lady employees she advised me they do nit have anyone until Thursday to come out !!!

It is monday today and we are in excessive heat warning until Wednesday 8pm ! I however took the appt and was told someone will be there thursday between 2pm & 6pm. I called american home shield was on hold for 55 minutes before i was able to speak with someone. Employee of american home shield Fred answered and i explained the situation to him and that there is 5 of us in the house this includes my 11 month old granddaughter and we have a 7 year old dog , i asked fred if they could provide us faster service or a hotel since it is in the 100s+ here in las vegas he stated no they do not offer hotel accommodations for their customers and proceeds to ask me if he can put me on a 3-5 minute hold in order for him to check the weather in las vegas where we live ?!?

Wow was i shocked. Now its already been 1 hour and 3 minutes that i am sitting on the phoen with american home shield. After his hold i asked him if he did not believe me he stated it was something he had to check and still cannot accommodate us with a hotel and that we would just have to wait for them to come out or cancel that service and for him to look at other vendors which could take up to 48 hours and if they cannot get an earlier appt than thursday he has to reach out to his dispatch team which could take another 24 hours. Freds suggestion was wait until thursday it would be faster.

I am in complete shock it is currently 90F in our home . Tomorrow vegas will hit 106F .

Thank you american home shield for nothing. I will NOT be renewing my contract of $700 for a year in October.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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