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The 1st experience was when my water heater was not heating correctly and there were calcium deposits coming out of the hot water line. Called a plumber and paid the $60, only to fine out that the repairs, what ever needed to be done were not covered because they said it was not maintained. I lived in the home for 1 week.

2nd instance: Had a sewer stoppage the second week in the house. Called AHS to send a plumber to clear the drain. The plumber came out and wanted to know where the clean out was. Two weeks in the house and I had no clue where it was. Paid the $60. to find out that if the clean out is not exposed on the outside of the house the service is not covered under AHS warranty. Huh!! They are not allow to remove the toilet inside of the home and use a sewer snake from that point of exposure to the main line. The contact person at AHS never mention any of their " weasel clauses " to inform me under what circumstances the repairs are not covered. Cost me $560 to have the drain snaked out from inside the house and the line video taped to find the problem. Found a cast iron two way clean out had corroded over the years and was restricting the main line flow. The plumber quoted the cost to replace the fitting at $1800 to $2200. I dug up the line by hand in 1 hour and cut the old fitting out and replaced the fitting " 1 hour labor " with an ABS clean out " Fitting cost $22.00 ". Beware is all I can tell you.

Next issue: Called AHS about the attic HVAC duct-work insulation deteriorating. Insulation not covered. Holes or disconnected duct work is. Another weasel clause discovered.

I see very little value in any of AHS warranties. If you do have a policy with them. Be sure to drill them on what is and is not covered in regards to the problem at hand.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $620.

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