When my mother contacted American Home Shield, they used a Palming Company, Inter-City Plumbing owned by James Barrett. This company employed Mark Ryder, a convicted *** artist on parole and sent him to my 86 year old mother's home.

While repairing a leaky toilet, he convinced my mom that she had issues with her shower pan, an item that was not covered under American Home Shield. He made an appointment to return to the house and then, over the next several months, skillfully conned her out of nearly $40,000. He was able to do this because she is elderly and her mind is not as sharp as it once was. By the time I realized what was going on, Mark Ryder had disappeared.

We went to court against American Home Shield and Inter City Plumbing. We believed American Home Shield should be held accountable for not doing a better job of screening their contracted companies. However, American Home Shield was able to meet with a judge and get themselves dismissed from the case entirely. I feel certain this must have been the result of a payoff, because it happened so quickly.

The court case was a long and arduous one, but in the end we won against Inter-City. My mother was very disappointed, however, because she felt the true criminals were American Home Shield.

AHS is reprehensible!

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