Tampa, Florida

Sorry to say that AHS had gone down hill. They do not screen companies that are under contract with them. An example is a company called APEX Appliance. Called AHS regarding this company and they could care less.

Apex apparently had so many complaints they are now doing business under the name Michael Rizzo. This company is also affiliated with home warranty companies such as American Home Shield. This company provides very poor service and has numerous complaints. Keep changing the business name and phone number. The representatives from this company are not professional and appear to have no experience for any appliance repairs. This company advertises in other Florida cities other Largo.

Poor service- unprofessional – no concern for customer satisfaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

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my landlord has AMS and they have called Mike Rizzo aka Apex Appliances to check our refrigerator. They came to the house and walked out because we didnt have the co-pay or whatever before doing any repairs.

A payment was made over the phone and now a week later waiting on a "part" and my frig is still on the fritz. I have to do daily shopping and buy 2-3 bags of ice to keep my milk and such cold so it doesnt spoil. They dont answer the phone, or call back.

I am about to buy a frig of my own at this point! :(


Not to mention ahs increased their prices per month. You can tell ahs to NOT use APEX for your services and they will be forced to use another company.

Apex is garbage...always has always will. They came to fix an appliance and all they did was reset circuit breaker...seriously??


We dealt with Mike Rizzo and Apex appliances last year where during a service call their repair person scratched our glasstop stove. I tried to deal with Mike Rizzo and he never returned a phone call.

I tried to go through AHS and they were unhelful to say the least.

Mike Rizzo should not be allowed to have abusiness license and paper trails don't lie. Don not do business with this fraud and if referred by AHS to this business ask for someone else or you will be sorry.


I can't even believe I was reading the above comments. We have had problems with both of these companies. Michael Rizzo, never returns calls, gives all kinds of excuses and the business is obviously run poorly.

Joe Cool, took three times of coming out to try to fix A/c and it's still not fixed. Ordered wrong part twice.

Both terrible companies.

Diappointed in AHS for using them.


Original appointment scheduled by tech prior to leaving home who diagnosed problem with Kenmore (7 yr old) refridge. Needs frion.

Customer informed Rizzo will arrive 11 - 3 next day. No show. No call. Customer called AHS - AHS called Rizzo.

Spoke with "John" Dumbars. Will reschedule appt and call customer by 5:00 to confirm reschedule appt. Never called. AHS client called AHS AGAIN!

AHS called Rizzo's - promised to be at clients house tomorrow 10 - 2. Rizzo, a/k/a Apex in Largo - Lacking in business ethics. Lacking communication skills. Lacking in professional courtesy on phone.

Disregards customers concerns. Shame on you Mike Rizzo!

Shame on you! YOU'RE FIRED!


American Home Shield approved emergency service, but Joe Cool can't be bothered to schedule a service call. What AC company in Florida doesn't work on the weekends?

I can tell you which ones, the scam, *** ones that couldn't car less if it's 90 out and our air is out... For the same exact problem they fixed 9 months ago I might add...


i had the same problem Mike Rizzo is a joke they actually hung up on me, they promised they would call me back and never did, there tech. "forgot" to order the part i needed WTF


If you want a headache, sign up with American Home Shield.

Both companies they have put me in touch with have been absolute nightmares: (In the Tampa Bay area)

(1) Mike Rizzo/Apex Appliances (didn't show, wouldn't return calls, charged my credit card) and (2) Joe Cool Air Conditioning (took me a month of talking to them at least twice a week to realize they were simply unable to schedule my visit--for no other reason than ineptitude.) I have dealt with many service people and companies and NEVER been the type of person to lose my cool--until this experience.

The first air conditioning company that I called from the Yellow Pages was absolutely lovely. Kind customer service professionals on the phone, prompt reliable service and the service man who arrived offered to go the extra mile (without me even asking). (That was Acree Air--please call them!)

Not worth the increased blood pressure.

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