We are very long term AHS customers with 5 houses covered. We called AHS to repair once again our A/C unit.

The first contractor sent out reported there was physical damage to the unit (absurd!). AHS sent out a second company who agreed there was absolutely no physical damage that it was old and rusted to the ground, but reported to AHS that the "homeowner just wanted a new unit". Both these contractors bold face lied to me over the phone saying the only solution was to replace the unit. The unit is running, but not cooling the home - set thermostat at 72 degrees, home is 86 degrees inside.

AHS has been out over the last several years putting band-aids on the unit. The last repair prior to this one took about three weeks to supposedly order the parts and mail to the contractor. The contractor charged us almost $500 for freon at a price that is higher to AHS customers than to if you called them directly. It has been *** dealing with both AHS and the horrible contractors that they send out.

You will hold for hours to speak with an agent and get transferred most of the time to hold for another hour. They will do everything they can to either put a band-aid or deny a claim when something breaks. Most of the contractors don't answer their phones either and you have to leave a message. They also don't return calls because they know that they are not doing the right think and properly repairing what is broken.

Take a look at the photos. We just wanted the system fixed, but both contractors said they couldn't get the unit to cool properly. After spending two weeks dealing with AHS and their horrible contractors we called out a A+ BBB A/C contractor and just paid to have it replaced.

What a waste of time and effort! I hope you will heed this warning an never purchase from AHS!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Unethical company.

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That’s what all Home warranty covered HVAC units look like—crap. The contractors have to get that denied or the contractor has to keep fixing it part by part, failure by failure.

When it gets to the point the freon won’t stay inside, the contractor has to either patch the holes, provide a new mismatched component without reimbursement, or ask for a denial by AHS. Either way, the homeowner is not getting a new system any time soon unless they buy it independently.


How did you lose $3700.00 ?

Is that the cost of the "warranty" or for replacement A/C ?

How old is the unit ?

"Long term customers" "band aids" etc.

make me wonder why you'd bother.

There is a limited number of scenarios whereby your equipment would fail to deliver. They include : age related, environment, original manufacturing quality, electrical control and component issues, compressor troubles, etc.

It shouldn't be a mystery. My advice since you have 5 properties would be to engage in study courses at your best convenience at a good tech college or state university branch regarding fields such as HVAC , electricity, plumbing, basic construction, roofing and /or whatever else interests you. Issues you will have time and again with properties.

You may never be an expert but it won't be possible to bamboozle you whenever there's trouble somewhere. You probably won't want to perform the service yourself but you won't be at anyone's lack of ethics or knowledge. Save the money you send the warranty company, pay for the tuition with part. I'd bet it will take a lot of anxiety out of your life once you are in control.

You will then have the option of selecting your own service companies and have a decent working knowledge of the reality of the situation. Put the rest of the saved money into an account reserved exclusively for repairs and replacements for your properties. Set aside a certain percentage of monthly income for this account. Earn interest.

Now, the million dollar question : did you mean that you have used this company : (A) for each of the last 5 place you lived or (B) do you own 5 rentals ?

All of this advice should pertain to all property owners anyhow. Good luck.

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