Palm Bay, Florida
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My tub drain stopper started leaking, and when the lever was pulled up the water in the tub would slowly leak out. The other bath shower drain was clogging up.

I called AHS to send out a plumber. This was the first time I had called for service on my home warranty. The plumber who came out snaked the shower and fixed the clog. He proceeded to snake the tub which had not been clogged, and clogged it up so that it would no longer drain and the sink water started backing up into the tub, spraying black goop all over the walls.

He said he could not fix the drain stopper until the main drain was snaked to try and unclogged it, and it would need to be snaked through the roof. AHS would not authorize him to go through the roof clean out. The said I needed to call another plumber to come out and clean out the main lines and then they would send him back out. When I spoke to AHS later to see about sending him back out they said I needed to hire my plumber to install a ground clean out for the pipes before he could come out.

And when their plumber did come back out that he could not replace the tub drain stopper. So I paid $60 for a plumber to come out and clog up my pipes. Wells Fargo had sent out the AHS warranty paperwork so that if I took out the warranty, they would add it to my mortgage. I promptly called AHS and Wells Fargo to cancel.

And I am stuck with paying for another plumber to come and fix the whole mess!

Why would Wells Fargo go with this Warranty company? What a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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