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AHS rejected our repair request because according to them it is not a covered malfunction, then the next day we get another letter rejecting the same repair request for a different reason, when we purchased the AHS warranty it was specifically because they represented themselves as covering the kind of repairs we have requested. Of course they say that they will continue to cover the particular items once we repair or replace them ourselves.

I've known thieves and robbers with more character and morality.

So I get to pay for AHS warranty AND a new microwave, dishwasher, and pool heater. I would NEVER have bought the AHS warranty but the realtor insisted it would protect us regarding any concerns we had about the appliances and HVAC systems.

PLEASE DO NOT RECOMMEND this lousy company to anyone if you are in the real estate business in any way.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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AHS Contract Disclaimer: "Service requests are subject to a fee for each trade call. Some exclusions and limitations apply."


just had to comment on this! four years ago i started working for ahs.

They wrongfully termed me! however im not here to bash them. I seen your type of claims often. now i can say that over the last two years they have slowly found a reason to get rid of any employee w/ good service skills, any employee trying to help the customer and any employee who made too much money.

I was top 20 in service and did my best every day. AHS now operates on a stacked ranking between the service employees that only allow them so much time on each call. They are so scared of being fired that they dont or cant help. Also, they have replaced seasoned reps w/ temps or new hires through temp services that arent being paid hardly anything.

They have went down hill as a company for sure. I am sorry this happened to you.

I can assure you ahs made sure the contract terms are written and done so to only protect ahs not the customer! I am sorry.

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