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On July 10, 2013 we discovered that our GE Monogram refrigerator stopped working

The compressor was running 24/7 and the inside temperature was around 53-55 Degrees – should be 37-40 Degrees with normal setting

This item is covered by our home appliance insurance company “American Home Shield”.

I called AHS about the problem and a local repair service company came the following day

They did some basic test – added some refrigerant - Freon 134A.

They told me that the Freon charge may resolve the problem – but they we not sure

Apparently there was a very minor leak when the pressure exceeded 25 PSI

The temperature came down around 45 Deg – then the compressor was making a funny noise and the temperature came back to 55 deg

On July 11 I called AHS again and reported the issue

I was told that they needed to located an authorized GE Monogram repair company

As of July 17, 2013 they have not been able to locate an authorized GE Monogram repair company

I contacted AHS again and they authorized me to locate an authorized GE Monogram repair company

The company – A to Z Appliance – came to my home on July 19, 2013 – late afternoon.

As the refrigeration has been stopped for more than 10 days the technician requested it to be running overnight before he could diagnose it

He left and A to Z Appliance called me July 20 and told me that I had to pay for the entire repair up-front

Based on this decision I told them not to come back

I went to Sears and purchased a new refrigerator the following day – paid $ 2950 including tax, delivery and installation

My wife and kids life is back to normal

Below is a brief summary of my expenses:

1st service call $ 125.00

Spoiled food $ 325.00

Small compact Refrigerator from Lowes $ 140.00

2nd service call $ 75

Replacement refrigerator from Sears $ 2,950.00

The refrigerator I had was much more expensive that the one we purchased

I would propose a $ 1,750.00 settlement

Monetary Loss: $1750.

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I've been dealing with AHS and a faulty refrigerator for 3 months! All I get are false promises and runaround.

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