Friday 12/29/17-Heat is not working properly and temperatures in the teens. We have an addition being done in home and our tech for our new unit told us the problem (reversing valve) but they cannot work on unit as they are not an AHS vendor.

After holding for 1 hour 30 minutes on repair request phone line (we needed urgent service and online request cannot process) my request was processed. AHS contractor came out and told us problems that were not accurate. We had to tell them the problem was the reversing valve. I called them on Tuesday to find the status on the repair and they told me they were trying to locate the part.

I called again on Wednesday several times and then told they were waiting on approval from AHS. On Thursday, they told me I had to pay for non covered items for them to make covered item repair. They submitted to AHS along with other non broken items. AHS will cover the reversing valve but not the other items.

Contractor will not repair the covered item unless I pay an additional $708 (for non broken items). I had to call AHS again to discuss this with them - 1 hour 14 minutes on hold. Finally, learned I can take a cash in lieu payment. I had to wait for that call.

Today (Friday) AHS called and will pay me a cash out of $385 for parts and labor for reversing valve and refrigerant portion. I also have to pay an initial $75 service call. The amount that AHS is willing to pay is wholesale and their contracted rate with their subs. That is why the subs have to hit clients for additional costs.

I have not verified total cost with my tech yet - they estimate the cost will be closer to $1K. I asked AHS if they could have one of their other approved vendors do the work and they said that was not an option. If you request to speak with an AHS supervisor, it is not an option. They can have someone call you back in 24-48 hours.

I have been dealing with this for 1 week today and approx 6 hours of phone calls to AHS and contractor. AHS customer service is terrible and they contract to sub standard companies.

The company they used is Air Design and they have terrible reviews and feedback also. Warranty cost of $685 is a waste of money, time and energy.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: reimburse my true cost of repair.

American Home Shield Cons: Terrible experience- waste of all resources.

Store Location: 889 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120, USA

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Homeowners nowadays seem to want to be protected from every eventuality and thus buy these home warranties which very often turn out to be totally useless money-wasters. Best to just put the money you spend for them into a bank and when something breaks, fix it or buy a new one. Less frustration and probably cheaper in the long run.


I’m having similar problems with trying to contact them. An appliance in my home has been broken since July, 2017.

There have been a total of 5 technicians try to repair this appliance without success.

We’ve sent numerous emails and made dozens of calls. All to no avail. I’ve called “New Sales”, and the call has been answered by the second ring.

Once they know I’m not buying a policy, but want to be connected to a complaint department, they “connect” me to the service department, which, as we know, is the graveyard department.

SIlly me. I just realized the easiest way to resolve this problem is to buy myself a new refrigerator and cancel my policy.

I wish you luck in your endeavors.

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