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Update by user Jun 28, 2017

This issue is still not resolved and I'm still pretty pissed at the service I receives. My only reason for posting this update is because for some reason my post has a 4 star rating when it should only be 1 (really it would be zero stars but I had to choose at least one!).

Original review posted by user Jun 09, 2017

We contacted them regarding an issue with our whirlpool bathtub. A plumber came out to our house and said he would have to order a new pump (which was covered) for the tub, but they would have to remove the wall behind the tub to gain access to the pump (which was not covered and would be an extra $50 out of pocket).

Although we didn't want to, we agreed to the extra charge so we could get our tub fixed. 3 weeks passed by and we still hadn't heard back from the plumber. We called to check on the status..the plumber asks us if we have removed the wall for them! We told them no..that they were supposed to be taking care of that (which is why we agreed to pay them $50 extra)!

After explaining this to the plumber's assistant (the plumber himself would never talk to us on the phone), she said the plumber would come out to the house again. He arrived a week later, and we are thinking he came to fix the pump on the tub, however we were wrong..not only did he not fix the pump (which was never ordered by the way), but he now claimed our pipes 'might' be bad and that would be an additional $250 out of pocket to us! WHAT?!? So now our cost to fix our tub went from $75 (service fee) to $125 (75 plus extra $50) to $375 (75 +50+250).

And we would also have to pay to have our wall replaced as well! At this time, we called AHS and spoke to a representative about the issue. The AHS representative said we had the option to pay for the pump and we didn't have to pay for the 'pipes' that may or may not be bad. We called the plumber back and told them we only wanted the pump replaced.

Plumber's assistant said they can't fix just one, they have to fix both. I called AHS back and told them I didn't want these folks back in my house because I didn't feel they were competent and we wanted a second opinion. We asked if someone else could come out and AHS said there was no other plumbers available to do the work. So we asked if we could call a plumber ourselves, which they told me would be fine and then connected me to their options (cash in lieu) department so we could go over what AHS would 'pay out' to us.

We were told that they would only give $299 max to pay to get the tub fixed. We knew that would not be anywhere near enough to fully compensate us, but we agreed anyway thinking at least we would get some of our money back. After calling our local plumber to fix the tub, he informed us that the only thing wrong with the tub was an on/off switch and air control *** and the PUMP WAS FINE! He replaced both parts and was finished in about 20 minutes and my tub was working!

We sent the required paperwork (name, address, contract number and receipts) to AHS' cash in lieu department and within 24 hours they denied my cash in lieu claim. They said their contracted plumber diagnosed the problem as a 'broken pump' so they will only reimburse for the cost of that service only. We hired a reputable, licensed plumber come out and state the pump was NOT broken, yet they wanted me to have it replaced anyway! Why on earth would you pay to fix something that isn't broken?!?!

After several phone calls, AHS still will not reimburse me for my out of pocket expense for hiring my own plumber. After reading many reviews, it seems as if this is how AHS does its business. They hire the most non-reputable, low-bid contractors to do shady work, allow them to make hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary parts and repairs, and AHS backs them up and leaves their clients in the dirt. There are numerous reviews all over this site and the BBB of the same exact scam.

All of those negative reviews can't be wrong.

We will be cancelling service with these clowns immediately. Furthermore, we have a meeting scheduled with our attorney to discuss further because we plan on taking legal action.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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