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On July 6th, 2021, I called American Home Shield to cancel my current contract. On the same day, I received an email back from the AHS Cancellation Department confirming my contract cancellation.

An attached letter from the email, states that owe I ZERO. On July 25th, I received a notification from that I had decline notification from the credit card that I previously used for American Home Shield and then canceled the number after I closed the account. Subsequently, they called my wife's phone and said we owed the amount of $60.90 for our monthly payment. I then called them back and reminded them I had canceled the contract on the 6th of July and received notice that I had canceled the account.

They then put me on hold to "confer with management" and never came back to the phone. I tried to email them, however, they don't have a customer complaint email listed on their website.

Eventually, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to which they finally responded, "there are no additional payments due. this customer no longer has any active contracts with AHS listed in our system." After that response, they tried to charge my credit card (which is closed) TWICE. Clearly, they can't even figure out their own automated system and have no intention of fixing it.

If you try calling them, the number they list goes nowhere besides a support desk associate who puts me on hold for hours or just hangs up after I ask for management. I even asked for Lynn Schroeder (who responded to the BBB complaint) by name and I got nowhere. Clearly, AHS has no intention of letting you call someone who can actually resolve a situation like this. Instead, they hide like cowards behind a maze of a telephone tree, non-responsive emails, and automated response to include the one to this complaint is a nearly word-for-word copy of each response.

I strongly suggest AHS completely rethink its customer service strategy.

Making a person who has a grievance wait on the phone for hours on end without an answer and not having a listed customer complaint email on their website is completely unsatisfactory. I would wager most customers wouldn't go through the trouble to file a complaint with the BBB, therefore, there are countless screwed-over customers that are never heard from.

For a customer service-based industry, that's just repugnant and completely unacceptable. I would say they should be ashamed of themselves, but it's clear from their responses (or lack thereof), that they really don't care, just as long as they get paid.

User's recommendation: DON'T USE THEM.

Preferred solution: For as much trouble they've caused, I want my ENTIRE contract refunded. all of it. .

American Home Shield Pros: Good plan lousy phone service.

American Home Shield Cons: Absolutely no way to file complaint or resolve a problem.

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