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We purchased a new ac unit and had it installed 4/29/14 with a very reputable local company that isn't associated with American Home Shield. The company was very well aware of AHS due to the numerous complaints from customers that left AHS to use their services.

Now, AHS is stating that they must have a paid receipt...mind you with the amount I paid for a new unit, to pay us the piddly $600 that they claimed they would have paid for repair to their really is not their business what I paid, just the fact that I bought a brand new HVAC which means EVERYTHING was replaced and the receipt states that it was financed should be sufficient, BUT the AHS rep Lillian stated that it would have to have the amount....if you aren't replacing the unit, what does it matter to you what we paid???? So done with this company!

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This review is lengthy and could be longer, but this is a true, honest experience we have had with AHS. We have had this service since we bought our home in 2002 with a brief 6 months back in 2005 when we didn't have them.

We have called them out every summer for 12 years, sometimes twice and have called them out in the winter time as well. They send someone to do patch work on the ac units, we have two units in our home and both have had issue but the main unit is the one that has issues constantly. This past Tuesday, we came home to a hot house. We are in Texas and its already hot here!

I called AHS and spoke to a very rude agent...I was rude too afterward. I pay this bill every month for 12 years and pay every time someone comes out. They sent a company out on Wednesday. The company that came out stated it was the coils and it would need replacing as well as leaks etc.

but the coils were clean. He then gave us a sales pitch for a new unit that they could install. We have kept this service for all of this time because we knew and they knew that these units are going to need replacing, not just patching up. And by the way, our electric bills in the summer run between $400 and as high as $1000 before.

Our units are 1997 units. On Thursday, we received a call from AHS stating that our out of pocket will be $1500 and $600 of that is the freon, it uses R22. They stated that the company normally charges $60 per pound of freon but they saved me money by only charging $50 per pound!!! I asked them what are they paying for and how much they are paying but they claimed to not have that information.

And to add salt to this, they said we could do a cash out and find our own repair person and they would pay us what they would have paid the company that gave us the estimate....that amount is $620 but you only get it when you submit the receipts showing the repairs have been done! I asked about canceling my service because I just bought all new appliance for the kitchen and laundry so I really don't need their service if they aren't going to pay for a new ac unit. They told me I would have to pay cancellation fees and contract end June 26, 2014! We have wasted so much money with this company, the rates have gone up every year and the service fees have to.

I also didn't mention that we had them to come out a few years ago to replace out garbage disposal, the guy comes out. uses a broom, it worked all of 3 days, I called AHS back and they said they would not send anyone else out nor fix it! We let that slide thinking our home was otherwise protected...NOT! If an item is covered under warranty and it breaks, how can you charge for the repercussions of the non functioning item, i.e.

FREON! Look all over the internet, complaint after complaint about AHS and HVAC systems and they always find a loophole to to replace!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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So you have one system that takes 30 lbs of R22 and another that takes 12 lbs? Are you cooling a large office building?

30 lbs is what a small to medium commercial semi-hermetic system will take. You're being scammed.

R-22 varies as much as gasoline and is quite expensive these days thanks to the EPA. Currently, paying more than $30 a lb is too much. There are also replacements (such as MO99) for R-22 which are MUCH cheaper.

Home warranties are a joke. Cancel and pay a reputable tech to properly repair your systems when they break.

You'll be miles ahead. Better yet, replace 17 years old, they're used up power hogs.


They said the $600 was for 12 pounds of R22...the rest was things they don't cover. Yes, a scam is what it is and they want to charge me to cancel my contract!

No, this is my home, 2,700 square feet and these are the original units that the builder installed. Big unit for downstairs and small unit upstairs, they guy that came out made sure he said the coils were clean....


Yes, they were scamming us and we cancelled and bought a new system from a reputable company.

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