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After being a faithful fee-paying Member of AHS for many years, they have now demonstrated the unseemly inappropriate conduct which gives rise to so many complaints and may be contributory to the reduced BBB rating of AHS. What follows demonstrates reprehensible performance and customer service similar to that reflected in https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/american-home-shield-all-of-them-c338377.html and other areas: On Friday 27 OCT 17, I placed an online request for emergency service as both toilets in the home suddenly became totally nonfunctional and backing up.

AHS issued Dispatch No. 432843662 with one of their vendors. Subsequently the vendor stated they would not be able to address this emergency until at least Monday. I then recontacted AHS by phone, and after an ungodly long wait, finally spoke with Rachel who stated she had had a similar problem and stated she would escalate to locate a AHS plumber vendor who could more timely respond.

When there was no reply, I then later contacted Desmond after another ungodly wait on hold who stated he was continuing to contact their vendors. He then suggested that I contact an outside vendor, and I told him if I found one to cancel the $125.00 service fee as moot. He agreed. Later I contacted AHS service rep Shamika on same date and told them I had Roto-Rooter en route.

She then told me for the very first time from AHS that Roto-Rooter was NOT on on their approved reimbursement list. What? What a messy and slow operation! Roto -Rooter was already at the door, and I had to turn them away based on this new news.

Hours were now fruitlessly spent while AHS made me jump through hoops. Now it is getting late in the afternoon, and AHS has not rectified my home issue of all toilets backing up. I contacted A-Abel who arrived in the late afternoon. They quickly rectified my issue and charged me $169.00.

When getting back with AHS, they stated they were NOT going to reimburse me, as roots were not included as a reimbursable item. Ridiculous as everyone knows, unless you live in the desert, roots can get into your main drain as a matter of course. I consider this clause in their "contract" void and unenforceable as they cover Clients in areas they know or should know roots can and do invade. I then went online the next day and CANCELLED their $125.00 service fee as they did nothing in this arduous process to resolve, nor timely provided even one of their vendors.

Clearly on the online form, it stated that cancelled service fees would be REFUNDED in 24-48 hours and they cannot deny this fact. Any Member or Consumer Affairs can replicate this to find it to be true and factual. Then to add insult to injury, I found AHS had charged my credit card for $125.00 anyway. Incensed, I was ultimately told on Monday after another long wait on hold by one Tamika at approximately 0905 ET on 30 OCT 17 that they were KEEPING my $125.00 service fee, now calling it a "trade fee" for "authorizing" me to seek my own contractor.

The SAME one I had to locate and contact on my own, not AHS. The SAME one I had to pay out of pocket; not AHS. The SAME one AHS found ridiculous reasons not to reimburse me for.

While I was originally willing to just have AHS cancel and refund my $125.00 service fee that they did nothing to earn pursuant to their own website's notification, I am now going to seek the $169.00 paid out of pocket that they found vague and unenforceable excuses not to reimburse. This inappropriate and reprehensible conduct of AHS has sickened me to my stomach, and I am now currently reviewing other Home Warranty companies who will not treat their longstanding Clients with such obtuse and recalcitrant disregard.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Cheating me our of my 125 service fee that was cancelled, Arrogant nature of their replies, Problem not fixed.

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This story shows how cumbersome and impractical a home warranty is, AHS is the BIGGEST and BEST of all of them. THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!

What appliance or system in your home can you live without for more than a few hours? Not even the coffee pot, here!!! If the coffee pot breaks, do you call and try to phenagle a cheap solution to your problem? Obviously, calling a licensed, fast-responding professional plumber to your home to restore a broken *** is possible for a mere $169.

Why would you bypass convenience and turn over your comfort to an insurance or warranty company to save $169?? That’s the epitome of dumassery, to turn your home into the likes of a 3rd world country to save $169. You should not hesitate 15 minutes deciding what to do when the toilets become inoperable, or if the temps in your home become unbearable. Drop the home warranty pipe dream, and call local small businesses yourself.

Your experience will save your sanity, and not rip you off a fraction of what any home warranty company will. It is not the contractors’ fault that you are getting treated that way; it’s AHS!!!

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