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AHS referred Melton Plumbing to repair tankless water heater. For 7 months Tom Melton, owner made excuses, lied and became belligerent.

Finally released dispatch #. Next 3 Plumbers referred by AHS did not work on tankless. 2/9/2021 Called at 11:37am for a plumber. Neace Plumbing does not work on tankless after AHS said they did.

On hold with agent for 2.5 hours while AHS tech looks for a plumber. Told Total Pro Plumbing Draining & Cleaning does. Call TotalPro. They tell me they do not work on tankless.

Call AHS back at 2:17pm. Told Dispatch Department would send a referral other than Melton, Neace, D&P, &Total Pro. Referral received for Melton Plumbing. AGAIN!

What? Call ASH back to decline abusive, unprofessional Tom Melton Plumbing services. Put on hold until 5:06pm. Told AHS agent will keep looking for a plumber, but he has to hang up now.

AHS agents have lied that there was a second level of trained techs. Now, wonder if there is a Dispatch Department or just lazy agents, who do not want to find a plumber? Are these agents looking for a plumber or just leaving me on hold for hours? Alternative?

Rent Lost $1350 x 7 = 9,450.

Call tomorrow for a plumber? Avoid AHS and Melton Plumbing at all costs.

Monetary Loss: $9.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Inconsistent service and vendors, At this time taking your money.

American Home Shield Cons: No accountability or escalation process, Company does not understand how extended warranties work, Dishonest salesperson, Conflicting information, If cannot repair no provision to replace as promised.

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