In November 2018, Tuesday, came home to find our garage and laundry room flooded. The 17-year old water heater had failed. Called AHS immediately, gave the all the details, make & model of water heater, etc. The next day waited for a contractor to call to arrange coming to the house to get a professional diagnosis. No call or contact received. Called AHS back to let them know we hadn't been contacted, after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, they gave me the number of the contractor they contacted, I called the contractor and they said they had already contacted AHS and told them they don't service our area. Called AHS back to let them know my findings, and they said not to worry they would contact another contractor. Not sure why they weren't already on this and calling me to let me know. Needless to say, this same behavior went on for 10 ten days, (4) contractors later. They we're never able to find a contractor to service area, or what they referred to as a remote area, out of the metropolitan area. So they gave me authorization with an authorization number to contact a local contractor in the area (we live in a remote mining town in Arizona). I contacted a certified contractor that provides services to the mine, and within one day a certified technician was at the house, diagnosed the hot water heater was leaking internally, not repairable, and had to be replaced. They gave me a quote to replace the water heater, I immediately called AHS let them know the results, and they said they needed the contractor to call them directly with the diagnosis, and the repair ticket details with the cost to replace the water heater. The contractor called AHS three times, only to be put on hold for 30 minutes each time, and was never able to talk to a live agent. I called AHS only to be put on hold for 45 minutes. It's a scam and a gimmick, they want you to hang up and give up. Finally, was able to talk to an agent and they called the contractor while I was waiting on the phone call, thought everything was resolved, I approved for the contractor to come and replaced the water heater. The next day, mailed and faxed all of the documents requested for a full reimbursement (repair ticket & copy of the check).

Two months later we received a letter stating our request was rejected because the services were performed without prior approval per "Section C". Absolutely, Not True!

AHS also submitted an ACH withdrawal from our checking account in the amount of $100.00 for a service call that was never completed.

Over the course of (10) days, at the height of the winter season, several home adjustments were made waiting for AHS to come through; boiled water every day to bathe, cook, went to neighbors houses to shower, went to our jobs at the mine to take showers. None of this was easy, we literally re-arranged our schedules to accommodate AHS policy, knowing in our heats that AHS would do their part in good faith, to find a contractor, and then reimburse for the replacement of the water heater.

We have been customers for over (3) years, and this was the first time using the service for a water heater. I do not approve nor recommend AHS services, poor customer service, long hold times, non-response to urgent failures of systems. We have cancelled our services.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1004.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Long on times to talk to an agent.

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They suck! Doing business with them is like pulling teeth!! Never again will I use or recommend them!!!


They denied 2 people I know for repairs after they got an approval email. WOW


Only way I have gotten anywhere is sent details and reported them to BBB! Gave them headquarters adress, etc. Also, all of them had a cap $1500 in the very fine print!


You'd be better entertained flushing your money down the toilet as giving it to AHS ; at least you'd get to watch it spin a few times before it disappeared. Save your money and handle your own repairs.


A water heater replacement is better handled on your own, as you have found out. What you didn’t get a chance to learn is: had AHS found an provider in their network that could get to your area, your claim would have likely been partially or totally denied.

The contractor would have charged you around $800 for inflated “non-covered” items such as an expansion tank and other modifications. The reason the costs would be inflated is that the in-network, AHS-preferred plumbers only get paid your service fee and they even have to divide the water heater and parts for the $100. They make up the difference by charging the customer almost as much as if you didn’t have a home warranty.

Often, the claim is completely denied if there is any basis at all, in order to keep the plumber’s costs down. So you really didn’t lose much, except all the lost time without a water heater.

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