Shreveport, Louisiana

After 9 years of paying for AHS warranty service and having them service the central air/heat in my house for probably 7 of those years, AHS NOW says that my outside A/C unit is not covered due to inadaquate sizing. Uhhh, then why have you kept taking my money for 9 years?

They have been 'fixing' this unit for 9 years without ever notifying me that is was undersized. One of the repairmen had mentioned years ago that it may be undersized but AHS just wanted to collect my money I guess. It wasn't until this year when it couldn't be fixed that it all of a sudden became not coverable any more.

Big time scam/ripoff. Stay away.

We have cancelled as of the end of this month and neither I nor anyone I know will ever use them for anything. We wasted so much money on them but, lesson learned I guess.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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Their service and repairs are completely inadequate. My AC quit and needs a new compressor. Lo and behold it might not be covered. I've asked for the number of repairs that the unit has had in the last two years (which was purchased new). The answer was 7, they would never authorize repair of a coolant leak and now they are saying running it low on coolant is not a problem, but a dirty evac coil is the reason they are going to deny it. Nice, wonder why no one ever cleaned it? None of the techs recommended it.

They are simply thiefs. If you want to loose money, all your patience and much more by all means send them a check.

Enjoy the experience. We have not.


Called for repair to our swimming pool heat pump.When contact was made to set up a date and time it was noted that it was a heat pump system. The date and time was available while I was at woork so I wrote out a check and placed it in the pool timer box.

When I arrived home the heater was not operating, the cheack was gone, and an invoice was attached to my front door stating that the company DOES NOT service heat pump systems. I took the survey that AHS sends as a follow up and described my dissatisfaction. No response was made back to me.Then I decided with that type of customer service I will just cancel the policy. I was then asked why and I responded with my answer, to no avail I recieved an apology with the generic answer,we're sorry.

This was not the only incident, there were air conditioning issues in the middle of a Florida summer that gave a window way too long to possibly accept. Stay away from this company, they are all about making sales with false promises and not delivering.

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