Scottsdale, Arizona

American Home Shield (AHS),we've had so many issues with this Company. Our first call for A/C service went out 0n 06/30/14 to an incompetent service company that had a number of negative reviews for incompetency and poor customer service.

The company sent out an apprentice, at best, service tech to repair my A/C unit. He was on the phone the entire time with his Supervisor trying to trouble shoot the system. What they ended up doing was removing the defective circuit board from the blower delay relay. They didn't replace it they just told me I didn't need the part for my system to cool.

This is an efficiency part of the system and I wanted it replaced. I've been fighting with the contractor and AHS since 06/30/14 with no resolve to date, 09/02/14. This same incompetent service company has been back out to our home to repair our A/C five trips since 06/30/14 and it still hasn’t been repaired as of today. Just imagine, if you can, most of the summer months in AZ without A/C.

American Home Shield could care less about our ordeal, they just kept contacting the same incompetent company out to repair our unit only concerned about their own costs. It would cost AHS additional costs if they went to another service contractor to repair our A/C unit.

Second, The AHS billing department is another disconnected department of AHS. No customer service skills what so ever.

I have a second property that has been covered by AHS for three years and the payments have been set up for this property on a monthly basis for the three years. Just renewed this contract for another year and when I went online to verify the new contract I was surprised to see they had me three months past due. When an AHS account shows as past due they will not assign service until the account is made current. I called the AHS customer service and spoke with a Gladys.

I confirmed with her that AHS received my July payment, but my account was reflecting past due. Gladys stated that the new contract account is set up for an advanced quarterly payment and until I pay the entire advanced quarterly payment they would not assign any service needs for this property. After discussion back and forth for 10 minutes I requested to speak with a Supervisor. Gladys said it would be at least a 25 minute wait and I told her I would wait.

After 15 minutes holding on line I was disconnected. I'm sure this was deliberate. There are more issues, but I'm tired of typing. I would highly recommend you go to a different Home Warranty Co.

This one is the pits.

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Why bother with a warranty co? Just save up and have an account for repairs.

Contractors don't make much off home warranty companies.

@Smartowner can borrow money from your parents, Mr. Romney, or dip into your trust fund, or sell a share or two from your Berkshire holdings...

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