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I have been without hot water for 8 days now, 7 days since the hot water heater was diagnosed by the professional plumber. I got customer service numerous times only to be told a different status each time.

It was clear that the plumber and AHS were not on the same page. On day 6 without hot water an AHS customer service representative told me that they were just waiting for the plumber to go pick up the hot water heater, I then stated to the AHS customer service rep that the plumber told me that they were waiting for it to be shipped. The AHS rep then placed me on hold to call the plumber only to find out that the hot water heater was in fact shipped and was delivered to the plumber. Then I was charged $490 in additional non-covered costs for the installation.

Flue mods, strap mods, piping mods etc. Well if the installation is covered then how am I stuck with all these additional charges. Furthermore AHS does not question these charges what so ever, they do nothing to look out for the customer. I have replaced 100s of hot water heaters and I've paid for hot water heater replacements prior and never seen costs like this.

It appears that the contractors now what your contract with AHS covers and doesn't cover and they exploit it to charge the homeowner for "non-covered" costs. I have spoken with over 10 customer service reps at AHS and not 1, not 1, could tell me what their mission statement is.

"To simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives by providing flexible home repair and maintenance solutions that help them worry less and live more."

That is their mission statement.

I do not feel the quality of my life improved, I did not worry less and I certainly don't feel that anything throughout this process was simple. I will never use AHS again.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: more than 1 listed above.

Preferred solution: Fix customer relations. Look out for your customers to ensure that they are being treated fairly by both AHS and their contractors. Also ensure all employees, especially those in customer service, know the mission statement. .

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You have it figured out. The contractors have to exploit the non-covered items in order to make up the difference in what a home warranty company pays.

You are very fortunate that those costs were as low as they were, because there are no guidelines for what the non-covered amount can be. The wait time is that lengthy because warranty work is such a low profit margin that the plumber has to turnover a high number of calls on a skeleton crew, with an extremely tight budget. You saved about $500, for which you had to sacrifice a week without hot water. What is that worth to you?

You can’t have both expedient service AND $500 in savings.

A local plumber would have taken care of you on day one, but you already know that. You made your choice, so be mad at yourself