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On 12 June, I called in A/C repair for my small unit upstairs. 60 days later my A/C is still not cooling up stairs adequately.

AHS has accommodated me with around 7 contractors out to fix the system. AHS has strict control of the contractors they send to repair. When I spoke the AHS representative, she said she did not see all reports I recalled. I could not be more disappointed and appalled with deceptive business practices.

I asked to receive a copy of all the contractor service calls out to my home and the representative informed me I could not receive what they see in their system because it is read only. They will apply patches but fight diigently not to replace your applicance when required. They wont provide any documentation in writing.

You will have to take them to court. Get individual contract estimates and file a claim in court as soon as possible.

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My experience is almost the same. AHS must be contracting low cost bidders.

I have a GE washer and I found out more about my machine via the internet than the repair guy. He did NOT even know how to download the Error Codes that my GE washer stores. I had to tell him what the code said and after 30 minutes of waiting and shining a flashlight in the machine that refused to rinse he concurred that the water regulator was broken. He charged me $60 and THREE weeks later, the part is still not put into my machine.

He called today, Friday, to reschedule to Saturday after I waited for four hours. On his first visit three visits ago, he was one hour late after the four hour window. I have called AHS twice, and e-mailed them. AHS did not even have the courtesy to respond.

AHS scores low in everything and after this repair, I will be so happy to tell them to drop dead and never to charge my credit card again.

AHS is NOT a reputable company. :cry

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