Home warranty companies have their contractors on a budget that does not allow the contractor to charge them for parts or equipment. A small amount of time is all the contractor can give you.

If parts or equipment are needed, the contractor has to include those for free in order to keep from jeopardizing their future work with AHS. The contractors can only Bill AHS for a tiny amount of money (that your service fee covers) on each repair ticket, or they won’t get any more calls from AHS. That’s why they’re acting like they don’t know what is wrong with your equipment half the time, and can’t give you any straight answers. Everyone else in the country that uses AHS is going through the same thing, and they are alllllll calling AHS as much (or even more) than you are.

That’s why you can’t get them on the phone. Money would solve this. Take your money, and call someone else who doesn’t have any affiliation with a home warranty, and stop paying those service fees that keep you hostage waiting for answers and repairs that never come. Ever wonder why AHS collects the service fee up front, before you even see a repairman?

It’s so you can’t/won’t go elsewhere. Once the tech comes to your home, he can bill for the service fee, which is all the money he is going to get from them. If he can’t do a quick fix, without ordering components, he’ll do it. If he can charge you extra for out-of-your pocket non-covered items, he will do it, or if he can get the claim denied through a contractual loophole he will do that, in order to keep from spending his own money and opening up a can of worms.

Most of AHS’s customers’ equipment is a can of worms, which is why they have a home warranty.

If it was going to be a simple, quick fix, the customers would not be filing a claim. Am I right?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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