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I originally posted this as a response in another thread, but now think it deserves it's own thread.

Written by Rodney, on 12-10-2010 12:10

Called for dishwasher svc on 9/25, tech shows on 9/30 and finds *** melted through the bottom of the shell then determines no replacement part is available anymore and tells me AHS rep should call. Well, 2 wks and 5 phone calls later, 7 employees in the loop, 2 are supervisors, not one has ever called me back despite promises to do so. Each of my 5 calls was met with the same response: won't give me anyone's email address, won't give me anyone's direct number, don't have any info on what to do next but 'someone' will call you. For this 'privilege' I got to pay $460 for the contract and $60 for the svc call. $520 for AHS ~ zero satisfaction for me.

Had I known ahead of time this was a Servicemaster company I would not have bought through them. I had a fraudulent billing problem with Chemlawn/Trugreen several years ago where they billed me for lawn treatments in advance. Crabgrass took over my lawn after Chemlawn treated it for one full season.

Run away screaming from any Servicemaster subsidiary.

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Beware of any company that is part of ServiceMaster's "Family of Brands" This includes: A.H.S, TruGreen and Terminix.


OK, just for grins I called the regular number again knowing I could always call Crawford's office. This time I got the GA call center again and spoke to "Dorothea," who's supervisor is "Tamika." She informed me that "Jo" emailed the contractor relations dept on 10/11 and that "Ann B" called my home on 10/11, but "Ann's" error was she spoke to my 9yr old without identifying herself or AHS, left no message, and did not attempt to call again to reach an adult, apparently calling this a valid attempt to reach me. I know the attitude taken: 'I tried to call him, he wasn't there.' The problem here is a complete abdication of ownership of the problem in her role as a supervisor. Had "Ann B" called again or left a message I would have been satisfied. But of course she did not.

"Dorothea" supplied me with the name "Randy" in contractor relations,(ID - RSKEL) but said she could not give me his number. She read me the account notes from all my previous calls which were pretty accurately recorded. She called the vendor and spoke to a rep named "Jordan" who told her I had an appointment set for the vendor to return on 10/18. No one has ever scheduled such an appointment with me, however. "Dorothea" canceled the appointment because the vendor is not an authorized repair facility for the brand of dishwasher I have, and gave me the number to the vendor's call center. There is STILL NO DIAGNOSIS report from the vendor when they were here back on 9/30.

That's why I wanted the vendor's number. I called them myself and spoke to a pleasant rep named "Seanick" who told me I had an appointment scheduled for 10/18, still. I immediately canceled it informing them (again) that they are not an authorized rep for my brand. (was this an attempt to collect a second service fee?)

"Seanick" called her routing department asking their dispatcher to contact the very tech who was at my home on 9/30 to tell him to get off his lazy *** and forward his diagnosis info to AHS.

All along the AHS reps I spoke with attempted to push the problem off on the vendor. The problem here is that I don't have a contract with the vendor. I have a contract with AHS and I expect them to execute it's terms fairly and expeditiously. ANS should be driving the vendor for the diagnosis, not me. Once the service call is completed the clock should be ticking and if AHS doesn't have their info after a certain point they should be all over the vendor to get it, not me.

The upshot is I am no closer to having this resolved than I was on 9/30/10. If they don't have diagnosis info within 24 hours I will light up the phones of all 3 of Mr. Crawford's executive assistants of which I am aware.


ex 2101 Barb Rath (sp)

ex 2100 Judy Peedic (out of office till 10/18)

ex 2103 Matthew Boyd




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Let's talk names, shall we?

9/25 I called for service, tech arrived on 9/30.

10/1 I spoke to "Hannah" at the GA call center who had no info on my repair and claimed I would be contacted on 10/4. No one called back.

10/5 I spoke to "Travier" who still had no info on my repair and was to contact the vendor for info and let me know. She refused to copy me on the communication. No one called back.

10/7 I spoke to "Renee" in the TN call center who still had no info on my repair, put me on hold and disconnected me 9 minutes later.

10/7 I called back and spoke to "Daniel M." who was to email his supervisor, "Kavia C." so that she could move things along. Despite more promises, no one called back.

10/11 I spoke to "Jo" who still had no info on my repair but was to contact the vendor and escalate to the AHS Escalation Dept via email as well as their 'contractor relations' department. She forwarded me to "Hope" at the escalations desk where, once again I was refused the right to be copied in on their communication. "Hope" transferred me to "Ann B." who is the escalations supervisor (901.266.7506) where I left a voicemail asking that I be contacted on 10/12. No one called back.

I will be dialing David Crawford's office in a moment.

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