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I am writing this report because of a huge complain regarding AHS. They always find a way to not to pay you.

I had a service call for my HVAC system at the week of May 4th, 2009. Their company AHS assigned Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning (703-608-1876) to address the problem. He came and created a report stating that the compressor in condenser unit was damaged due to *** whacker. So AHS called me stating that my AC Unit was not covered because of this outsider damage by lawn mower.

I disputed this decision and filed it online. It was clear to me that had nothing to do with this problem. AHS called me again and stating that they will assign some other company to take a look at it. If the report was same, that I would pay another $60.00 for service call, otherwise AHS will pay for it instead.

United AirTemp came and looked at it on Friday May 8th. I talked to their representative and he said clearly that *** cutter has nothing to do with this damage and it is an old unit and because of its age, compressor went bad. Therefore they told me that they would not charge me $60.00 service fee. On the same day, I received a phone call from AHS stating that second company had made the same statement as first company and my unit was not covered again.

I asked for a written report from AHS proving this assessment, but they said there was no report, this was verbal phone call statement between AHS and United Air Temp. In the same day, I talked to the mechanic from United Air Temp. telling me clearly the unit went bad because of its age, and AHS telling me differently. I will have my mechanical service contractor to do the repair at my own cost.

If I don't get full reimbursement from AHS on this repair, I will not only cancel my two policies with you, but also look for my rights legally.

They do not have little respect to what they do. This has happened before but this time I will not let this go.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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If you are disgusted with AHS's business tactics, customer relations AND DENIAL OF TRUE, VALID CLAIMS (ie: Breach of Contract)....

Here's some info:

If you're seeking CEO David Crawford's voicemail - here's how.

Dial 1-866-305-0259 as stated above. When the phone system says "Thank you for calling American Home Shield.... please enter your Representative's Extension" -


Enter Ext. # 1000

The Greeting will then say: "Welcome to Avia Messaging, please enter the mailbox # of the person you are calling.... IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE MAILBOX NUMBER, PRESS STAR (*) TO SPELL THE NAME"....

After that sentence, IMMEDIATELY PRESS STAR (*) - then spell David Crawford's LAST NAME:

just input, "CRAW".... you will then be taken to: DAVE CRAWFORD'S VOICEMAIL....

Kindly leave your message.

If you want to call bluff - redial the 1-866 number above, go to Ext. 1000 and then input Judy's Extension "2100" (Judy Peedic - The Executive Assistant to David Crawford) - it will take you to her voicemail (or she will pick up) - so the Avia Messaging System is that of AHS...

Also, another Executive Assistant to David Crawford is a person by the name of "Matthew Boyd" his extension is 2103 at the same 1-866 number listed above (again, his extension also works in the Avia Messaging System @ AHS).

I hope American Home Shield makes right on alot of the breach of contract issues... :)



The contact information given in the paragraph above is no longer valid, as David Crawford is not the CEO of A.H.S. anymore. I recommend you contact AHS parent company at www.servicemaster.com


They are awful. Same thing happen to us.

We gave them 10 days to make our ac right. They said the unit was abused. Abused, it lasted 22 plus years. How was it abused, seems like it was taken care of pretty good to last that long.

We are paying 3100.00 to have it replaced and cancelling. Waste of money!

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