Phoenix, Arizona

AHS did not cover any of the issues that arose in our house all year:

Air Conditioning Duct Work (Guy never came in the house when we mentioned it was the duct work but still charged $70 service fee)

Thermostat wire connecting AC unit to Thermostat ($400 and a giant gaping hole in our wall we were told to replace ourselves)

Pool Pump Sand (uncovered because it was 'general maintenance')

Pool Pump Pressure was remedied by adding extra PVC piping to the pump to reroute water. This broke within 3 months.

We spoke with our home warranty company over the entirety of last year about concerns that it may not be functioning properly. After 3 visits (7/8/14, 3/13/14 & 12/10/13) to our home the company, Aaron Pools never felt that there was anything worth noting about the pool pump except for the need to replace the sand which is uncovered by the warranty but a general maintenance issue. One call to come out was because a makeshift PVC pipe arm Aaron Pools had placed on the pump to reroute the water had begun to leak and was spraying water. The visit to repair this was quick, they patched the hole, noted the sand needed replacing and left. One month later (8/15/14) and a pool service tech outside of our warranty plan found the following necessary:

Replace Pump Hardware


Re-lay piping


Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1850.

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