Antioch, California
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My 16 year old side-by-side refrigerator freezer began malfunctioning in late April. A service call was placed to AHS.

The 1st technician came out on May 3, 2014; couldn't diagnose what was wrong; no parts ordered; unit worked for approx. 2 weeks before dying again. Same technician came out again in June, tinkered with it, got it running for several hours before it died again; no diagnosis made/no parts ordered or replaced. A third technician came out, this time from Sears on July 3, tinkered with it; no diagnosis made and no parts ordered/replaced.

Of course, what the technicians tell me and what they tell AHS are two totally different stories -- all in favor of AHS. I have been dealing with these incompetent people at AHS and each time call for a status update -- which is every day -- I get a different rep and a different story/promise. The interior temp of the main refrigeration compartment is a steady 60 degrees, which is unhealthy and unsafe for human food storage. In addition, I have a severely ill daughter at home WHO MUST STORE HER MEDS IN THE REFRIGERATOR!

I intend to sue this company with whom I have been doing business for the past 16 years as it is nothing more than a scam. They do not want to service the customer, honor the contractual agreement or replace faulty appliances.

They only want your constant insurance premiums. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

  • won t honor warranty
  • incompetent customer service reps
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