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We were without a working furnace for 103 days. Starting Nov.10.

That's almost all thru the winter. My wife and I are 77 and78 years old. It was hard! AHs is supposed to be one of the best rated in home warranties.

Then why do they do business with contractors with such poor reviews? To late we found out the contractor we were assigned to had 45 reviews and 34 of them were a one star. That's pitiful. After about the 80th day we finally got another contractor.

AHS doesn't cover everything related to a furnace replacement but why did the first contractor want $2315.00 from me to complete the job, and the second contractor only wanted $950.00? We also had to foot the bill for Space Heaters and very large Gas bills to keep our fireplaces just to try to keep warm. All thru this mess AHS continued to take their monthly fee thru our auto pay account while doing nothing to earn it. Try calling them only to get the recording that tells you wait time will be at least a half hour.

Also their people don't call back even when they promise to do so. AHS is not the company they use to be!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

American Home Shield Cons: Spending 103 days without a working furnace.

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Please allow me to shed some light onto why the service is so pitiful, from a contractor’s perspective. Not to burst your bubble, but have you considered that perhaps the contractors are not PAID by AHS to do the work that their warranty covers?

The contractors are sacrificing themselves and their reputations to service home warranty clientele, which, upon self-examination, you might discover that they are less than generous with their money AND their reviews. A home warranty anymore is basically a referral service to find you a contractor who is beholden to the home warranty company (i.e. AHS, in this case) who will do the work for the service fee only; provide all the parts, furnaces, HVAC systems, etc without charging AHSmire than the service fee the customer paid.; provide unlimited service hours without charge; comply with complex guidelines mostly involving customer complaints and disputes; comply with strict trade licensing and insurance requirements. The end result is dissatisfied consumers, and more “free” customers than the contractor can handle.

The way to make money for the AHS contractor is to get claims denied and keep the service fee, or look for non-covered items in which the customer can be charged to complete the installation (as in your case, with the extra charges for your furnace modifications). Please cancel your home warranties, and don’t look for a different one. They are all horrible.

Hire a local, small business tradesman to help in a timely manner. If you play it cheap, yo will get what you paid for: lousy service!

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