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The last week of April 2019. A/C not cooling.

Determined I needed a new coil. $500..... Adapt coil to existing system.$250....

A condensation pan(but there is one) other items to bring up to code. Never conferred with me about any of it.

AHS called and when i asked why i had to pay i was told there were stipulations. I informed them what they could do with their stipulations. Cancelled the account.

A friend was getting some work done and sent his a/c guy over and I'm chillin for $250. No coil replaced cuz its not leaking.

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The contracted HVAC company has to sell you something to justify installing the refrigerant. If the system goes down again during the recall period, he has to provide the freon for free.

He really wasn’t expecting you to AGREE to the proposed repair; rather, he was trying to deter you from it!

If you HAD chosen to go forward with his proposal, he would have made enough money to include a few free recalls. That, my friends, is how a home warranty really works.

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