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At 11:30PM, we discovered that our finished basement was filling with water, spraying out of a water line. I immediately shut off the water main, but the water kept coming. We called for service adn were givent eh contractors number. I called and was told that they don;t cover out area... they were 2+ hours away. I called back and was told that we had been upgraded to "emergency" status and that we would be called within 30 minutes.

Never happened. 2 hours later, we were told that it may need to wait til Monday (it was a Friday night). Turns out that they tell us in the morning, that they have really only called two companies.. and that one was the one outside the area... and they are waiting on a call back from the other.

I just called them as a home homeowner, they answered the phone and are on the way... AHS never called the order in.

If you haven't already selected this service, RUN AWAY!

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I called to report a leaking faucet in the shower. Was told that it was not covered. I said i have the highest level and with swimming pool added service. so For a leaking faucet i should be able to get a plummer. The rep told me it was not covered. When I said other Competitors i have used in the past have repaired a leak. The rep said only if it is a main or out doors a broken pipe. I was applaued that the *** rep would tell me didn't you say a leaking faucet? and then try to diagnose it as though she was the plummer. Even I knew it went beyond the leaking faucet which she didn;'t understand that only the plummer that i requested her put in an order for me would be able to evaluate the seal from a valve.

I was so upset that she told me she could go over the plan of covereage with me. Which is not what i asked for and that that is not what i called for her to do.

I was not able to get a supervisor and she was more interested in telling me how the agency could not help me instead of what i pay them to do send out a contractor, period.

I got better service when i called back within 30 mins and spoke to a automative service and spoke to a machine.

I now realize that she just wanted to get rid of a customer so she could go home.

I expect the service rep to act as well towards customer service as a computer system, which showed me better customer service than could be expected from a human being.

Bet this kid didn't even own a car less long a home.

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